Why Should I Use Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Why Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kits?

Currently, there are 2 major categories of teeth whitening products on the market. Peroxide based teeth whitening kits and non peroxide based teeth whitening kit. In order to give you a clear understanding why you should use non peroxide teeth whitening, you must see what are the horrible side effects of using peroxide based products.

There were clinical trials done using the peroxide based products and the following conditions are what you are going to expect if you are using peroxide teeth whitening:

mouth burn white spot

  • White spots on the gums and various locations in the mouth
  • Tooth enamel suffering from thinning and de-mineralization, this will cause teeth to be more sensitive as protective layer suffering from corrosion of the peroxide chemical
  • Accidental swallowing or ingesting of this chemical will cause possible intestine wall damage or burning

On top of the major side effects above, one of the serious concern with peroxide kit is that it can cause different kinds of mouth cancer. Base on the clinical trials results, it has shown the increase in cancer cells in the body when peroxide agents were present and it also lead to new cancer cells formation. Imagine if this is happening to you.

By understanding the above critical side effects using peroxide chemical, it is best if you use non peroxide teeth whitening kits to get the beautiful smile without the risks above. It is not worth the risk as we will also never know what long term damage peroxide will cause you.

So, it is important that you get this message as this may seems to be minor thing, but it can cause major problems. Why need to take the risk since there are non-peroxide based teeth whiteners are coming out and available on the market?

Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Benefits

In fact, non peroxide results are just as good as peroxide product if not better. Non peroxide teeth whitening kit has many more other benefits beside being safer option.

Some of these benefits are:

There are absolutely no toxic chemicals and ingredients in non-peroxide teeth whitening kits. Thus, you do not have to worry about any mild side effects after using non-peroxide teeth whitening kits, nor serious illnesses such as cancer

No need to pay high consultation fees  for consulting a dentist before using them (before using peroxide based product, it is recommended to consult dentist first)

People with extra sensitive teeth can use non-peroxide products as they do not harm or irritate your teeth or gums.

The biggest advantage is that non-peroxide products conform to all EU regulations and are likely to be available a lot longer than peroxide products will.

These products are very easy to use and show great results in a matter of days. Many non-peroxide kits also include refill gels so that you can ensure that your teeth remain whiter and stain free for longer periods of time.


With all the above in mind, non-peroxide teeth whitening kits are definitely your best choice for that bright shiny smile! 2 non peroxide teeth whiteners stand out for being  effect, fast and safe. There are Zero Peroxide and Mint Cosmetics.

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Teeth Whitening Danger with Carbamide Peroxide

teeth whitening danger with carbamide peroxideWe have seen how dangerous hydrogen peroxide can be if we over consumed it. The same with carbamide peroxide. There will be risk if you are whitening your teeth with carbamide peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide is identical to hydrogen peroxide. Both are powerful oxidizers. There are like siblings in term of chemical compounds. It is like a weaken hydrogen peroxide. In fact, carbamide when diluted with water will release hydrogen peroxide.

Carbamide may not be as invasive as hydrogen peroxide but it does have the devastating effect of hydrogen peroxide. This is because this chemical is used mainly as bleaching and disinfection agent.

Carbamide peroxide in higher concentration can be dangerous to our health and body. Any concentration higher than 10% is considered risky and may cause several problems.

Carbamide Peroxide Danger

If you happen to swallow higher concentration of this chemical, you may encounter the following side effects:

  • mouth blistering or gum burn
  • if swallow, may cause stomach inflammation and pain
  • diarrhea & vomitting
  • can cause irritation and corrosion to any delicate surface it comes in contact with like skin and eyes

Peroxide Hazard Study

Recently, there is an independant research done by Brazilian Oral Research that the peroxide compound especially carbamide  peroxide which is used for cleaning and bleaching would cause teeth enamel to be sensitive.

The study found that this sort of teeth bleaching agent using carbamide peroxide can make the tooth composition and tiny structure to be exposed. This microscopic opening or holes are called dentin and when you drink very cold drink or hot drink, it can reach to the dentin and immediately send the sensitive signal to the brain causing you to jerk or react in pain.

As the teeth return back to normal temperature after the cold/hot drink, the sensitive feeling will be even more intensified. If you bleach your teeth with carbamide peroxide regularly, then more dentin are exposed and  it is inevitable that permeability will occurs.

However, although the study shown about the sensitivity but there are no detailed reports on the negative side effects made from the bleaching with carbamide peroxide. The research serves are a warning or precaution because different people react differently to specific chemicals especially chemical as strong as this peroxide.

Alternative Teeth Bleaching Solution

safe teeth whitening zero peroxide With more advanced technology and new regulation for more safety on teeth whitening product, teeth whitening is brought to a new level where sodium bicarbonate is used to replace the dangerous carbamide peroxide.

This ingredient can effectively whitening your teeth and it is far more safer than peroxide based product. Besides, the whole process only take as short as only 20 minutes to complete a session.

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