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zero peroxide reviewI have a great news for you. Now you can whiten your teeth without the need to schedule an appointment with dentist and you do not need to worry about your teeth sensitivity or irritation.

This is because Zero Peroxide, the newest and latest teeth whitener on the market does not use peroxide ingredient like hydrogen peroxide which can burn your mouth and gum.

You can get more detail about how dangerous hydrogen peroxide is at hydrogen peroxide hazard post

Zero Peroxide uses sodium bicarbonate which does not cause any side effects that you may encounter if you are using peroxide base teeth whitener.

If you use Zero Peroxide to whiten your teeth, you would get the following benefits:

  • You will be able to remove sturdy and stubborn stains on your teeth effectively
  • You regain your confidence in front of people by having a natural white smile
  • You can see the result as fast as 20 minutes
  • This is a doctor recommended natural enhanced formula
  • You will get a superior comfort mouth tray piece
  • You will get LED light accelerator to speed up results
  • Using only the fully approved EU compliant non-peroxide gel

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zero peroxide safest teeth whitener

Zero Peroxide teeth whitener does not only whiten your teeth, it also contains natural ingredients like Pomegranate and Chamomile that can boost your gums and enamel thus creating a good overall oral health.

Zero Peroxide is a great value product as the gel for whitening the teeth also contains another ingredient called sodium fluoride which helps in strengthen the tooth enamel. This means the stain will not be easily stick or penetrate your teeth making your teeth stay whiter for a longer period.

3 Simple Steps of 20 Minutes Process

Zero peroxide is so simple to use and probably the easiest whitening kit you ever found on the market. All you need to do is

1. Apply gel into the mouth tray

2. Place the mouth tray straight into your mouth

3. Wear it with LED light on for 20 minutes

You are done. It is as simple as that and it is so fast, so convenient and very efficient process as well. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

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zero peroxide fastest teeth whitener

Does Zero Peroxide Work?

Clinical evidences are available to back the whitening power of sodium bicarbonate, so there is no doubt that this product does work. Please do not take our words for it, take a look at the satisfied customers we have and soon you will realize that this is the real deal and affordable and safer alternative to peroxide based treatment.

This product is so good that the manufacturer offers a full 30-days money-back guarantee as they are confident that it will work for you. You have nothing to lose really.

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Zero Peroxide Cost

The benefits Zero Peroxide gives you would probably be more than the price that it is going to cost you. There maybe slightly cheaper teeth whitener out there, but nothing offers such as Zero Peroxide can give you in term of the whitening level, speed of results, easy to use, time saving and extra goodies such as touch-up pen, mouth tray holder and others.

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All that represents an excellent value for your money. And here is another great news, for a limited time you are entitled for a 40% discount and this is a massive saving and I hope by the time you are reading this, it is still available. So, quickly buy a kit now before the discount is gone.

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Why Should I Use Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Why Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kits?

Currently, there are 2 major categories of teeth whitening products on the market. Peroxide based teeth whitening kits and non peroxide based teeth whitening kit. In order to give you a clear understanding why you should use non peroxide teeth whitening, you must see what are the horrible side effects of using peroxide based products.

There were clinical trials done using the peroxide based products and the following conditions are what you are going to expect if you are using peroxide teeth whitening:

mouth burn white spot

  • White spots on the gums and various locations in the mouth
  • Tooth enamel suffering from thinning and de-mineralization, this will cause teeth to be more sensitive as protective layer suffering from corrosion of the peroxide chemical
  • Accidental swallowing or ingesting of this chemical will cause possible intestine wall damage or burning

On top of the major side effects above, one of the serious concern with peroxide kit is that it can cause different kinds of mouth cancer. Base on the clinical trials results, it has shown the increase in cancer cells in the body when peroxide agents were present and it also lead to new cancer cells formation. Imagine if this is happening to you.

By understanding the above critical side effects using peroxide chemical, it is best if you use non peroxide teeth whitening kits to get the beautiful smile without the risks above. It is not worth the risk as we will also never know what long term damage peroxide will cause you.

So, it is important that you get this message as this may seems to be minor thing, but it can cause major problems. Why need to take the risk since there are non-peroxide based teeth whiteners are coming out and available on the market?

Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Benefits

In fact, non peroxide results are just as good as peroxide product if not better. Non peroxide teeth whitening kit has many more other benefits beside being safer option.

Some of these benefits are:

There are absolutely no toxic chemicals and ingredients in non-peroxide teeth whitening kits. Thus, you do not have to worry about any mild side effects after using non-peroxide teeth whitening kits, nor serious illnesses such as cancer

No need to pay high consultation fees  for consulting a dentist before using them (before using peroxide based product, it is recommended to consult dentist first)

People with extra sensitive teeth can use non-peroxide products as they do not harm or irritate your teeth or gums.

The biggest advantage is that non-peroxide products conform to all EU regulations and are likely to be available a lot longer than peroxide products will.

These products are very easy to use and show great results in a matter of days. Many non-peroxide kits also include refill gels so that you can ensure that your teeth remain whiter and stain free for longer periods of time.


With all the above in mind, non-peroxide teeth whitening kits are definitely your best choice for that bright shiny smile! 2 non peroxide teeth whiteners stand out for being  effect, fast and safe. There are Zero Peroxide and Mint Cosmetics.

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Benefits of Home Teeth Whitening Kits

benefits of home teeth whitening kitsIn the modern days, where we take many different types of foods and different type of lifestyles, it is inevitable that we suffer from coloring and staining of teeth. This leaves us teeth that are more discolored than others. Over a period of time, it is naturally the teeth will lose the whiteness that we have since it was started from our childhood.

Stain on our teeth are because of foods that have strong coloring  effect like coffee and lifestyle a person has such as smoking. Keeping the oral and dental hygiene clean is important because when you smile, the first thing that shows up is your teeth.

Teeth Whitening at Clinic

Back to the time when you wanted to get back the whitest teeth, you would have to consider the time consuming, costly and uncomfortable dental cosmetic surgery. Not many able to afford this kind of treatments.

In today technology, we are able to have this kind of luxury to get our teeth whitening done at the comfort of our home. There are many teeth whitening kits on the market for you to choose.

Benefits of take-home teeth whitening kits

There are many benefits you can get from home teeth whitening kits. These reasons made teeth whitening products so popular and well accepted among the people that want to make their appearance better by having their teeth whiter, brighter. This appearance reflects on their smile and improve their confidence.

Some of the benefits of take-home teeth whitening kits include:

  • it is more economical and affordable as compared to going to see dentist which cost more than 10 times higher
  • it is convenience to do at home rather than going to dental clinics which you need to pay for fuel and parking not to mention also the weather
  • you can whiten your teeth yourself from the convenience and comfort at home while watching your favorite DVDs or surfing the internet
  • you no need to worry about your embarrassment of having bad breath in front of dentist
  • you able to pick the most appropriate teeth whitening kits base on your budget and preferences
  • you can travel anywhere with your teeth whitening travelling kit or teeth whitening pen


Zero PeroxideOn top of those benefits mentioned above, as many home teeth whitening kits become available. These competition among the products benefits us as there are becoming more effective and prices are affordable and the formula in whitening teeth also become safer and lesser side effects.

More people are now able to smile with confidence as their teeth are whiter and smiles are brighter and they do not need to spend a fortune or having the hassles of visiting to the dentists.

Having said so, to make sure that you make the most out of the home teeth whitening kits, you need to pick the right kit that suits your preference and within your allowable budget. For example, if you have sensitive teeth, you need to go for less invasive type of whitening product.

Another good news about home teeth whitening kits is, you will be able to buy this kit online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Among the most popular and safest teeth whitening kits that you are able to purchase online are zero peroxide and mint cosmetics.

Mint Cosmetics

Hydrogen Peroxide Hazards in Teeth Whitening

First of all, Hydrogen Peroxide has extremely powerful bleaching capability making it very useful for cleaning anything from cleaning toilet to teeth whitening. However, if hydrogen peroxide is wrongly used (overdose or accident) it can be very dangerous for our health, and in serious situation could lead to death.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound that contains hydrogen and oxygen molecules (H2O2).  It is a powerful oxidizer and are so effective to use for bleaching or as cleaning agent. It has a pH lower than 7 which means it is acidic in nature and the acidity can reach as low as pH 4.

Danger of Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide hazards in teeth whiteningHydrogen Peroxide is a dangerous chemical. Regulations are vary depending on different region, however, generally, low concentration (3% below) are commonly available and legal to purchase for medical purpose. Usually over-the-counter peroxide solutions cannot be allow to enter the stomach (accidental swallowing or eaten).

Why does hydrogen peroxide is considered dangerous? In higher concentrations, hydrogen peroxide is lethal and it will corrode anything that in contact with it, including human skin because it is a highly aggressive oxidizer . H2O2 will react to chemical reducing agent creating a strong and violent reaction.

Hydrogen peroxide at above 40% concentration, is considered as a D001 hazardous waste because based on US regulation, concentrated hydrogen peroxide would match the definition of a DOT oxidizer.

Hydrogen Peroxide Risks (Pure or Diluted Form)

There are couple of risks involved in hydrogen peroxide whether it is in pure or in diluted form.

  • At 70% concentration it can be explosive when temperature hit 70 °C (158 °F).
  • at 50% concentration it is corrosive. It may cause severe eyes damage, damage of mucous membranes and skin. Inhaling of it can affect your lung and severe pulmonary inflammation. If it is swallowed, it may cause internal bleeding.
  • ingestion of large dosage of 3% concentration would cause mouth blistering or irritation, throat, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting.
  • exposure to the hydrogen peroxide vapor is potentially hazardous. Hydrogen peroxide vapor is a primary irritant, primarily affecting the eyes and respiratory system. Prolong exposure to the vapor can permanently damage the lung.
  • this chemical may cause skin disorders such as Vitiligo disease Recent studies have discovered increased H2O2 levels in the epidermis and in blood of the Vitiligo sufferers.

EU Ban on Peroxide Based Teeth Whitening

Due to it’s effectiveness in bleaching, this Hydrogen Peroxide is used to whiten teeth. There are many teeth whitening products out there using hydrogen peroxide but the EU step in to ban selling any home teeth whitening kit that contains Hydrogen Peroxide concentration more than 0.1%.

Under the new ruling, hydrogen peroxide concentration must not be allowed to be exceeded 0.1%. In a statement of the EU scientific research’s report said,

No study seems to be available concerning long-term use of toothpaste or mouth rinses containing hydrogen peroxide

Another statement warned:

‘A 16-monthold boy has died after an ingestion of a 3 per cent solution of hydrogen peroxide.’

A spokesman for the EU scientific committee on cosmetics and non-food products said,

‘We have followed the findings of our scientific committee, to protect users of such products from harm.

Due to this new ruling, a lot of teeth whitening kit had been recalled from the market. Also, with 0.1% of Hydrogen Peroxide concentration, this compound is not effective to whiten teeth.

Alternative to Hydrogen Peroxide

The new solution to teeth whitening is Sodium Bicarbonate. And this best teeth whitening kit has hit the market and it promises to be the fastest and safest effective teeth whitening product on the market. This product is called Zero Peroxide.

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