Zeroperoxide is a new teeth whitening product which is projected to be launched in Feb 2012. It is an excellent non-peroxide product that can help you to achieve the brightest and whitest teeth you can imagine. These white teeth whiten by Zeroperoxide will make your smile shine brilliantly and it will enhance your overall appearance and improve your confidence.

What is in Zeroperoxide?

Zeroperoxide teeth whitening uses the safest whitening material on the market and it also has very effective and powerful whitening ingredient. A full kit of Zeroperoxide consists of the components as listed below:
zeroperoxide teeth whitening
green tickNon Peroxide Gel (2 x 10ml)

green tickLED Light Accelerator

green tickLuxurious Mouth Tray

green tickMouth Tray Holder

green tickTeeth Whitening Touch-up Pen

green tickTravel Bag

green tickTooth Shading Guide

green tickComprehensive Instruction

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2 x 10ml Non-Hydrogen Peroxide Gel

zeroperoxide non peroxide gelZeroperoxide uses only the best available ingredient for whitening yet doesn’t compromise the safety of the consumers. That’s why this whitening kit has sodium bicarbonate rather than hydrogen peroxide gel which is safer and effective. Bicarbonate had been tested and proven in clinical trials.

Not just that, natural ingredients such as pomegranate and chamomile are added to give the faster and better whitening plus overall oral health.

LED Light Accelerator

Zeroperoxide uses the safe LED light accelerator to speed up the teeth whitening process because it can help to make the oxidation process faster. Oxidizing the gel better and efficiently can boost the whitening effect of your teeth tremendously.

Luxurious Mouth Tray

This luxury mouth tray is very special because most teeth whitening kits out there give you the warm and form mouth tray. This kind of tray requires you to place it in hot boiled water. After that, the hot mouth tray is place in your mouth and suck it in order for the melting silicone to mold around your teeth. This kind of tray obviously hurt your mouth and could burn your gums and lips. It is extremely not suitable for those who have sensitive gums and teeth.

zero peroxide mouth trayCommon mouth tray may also have the following weaknesses :

  • Tedious because it requires you to boil the water
  • It is messy and could damage the tray
  • The boiled tray would not have the transparency needed for the LED light to pass through

While ZeroPeroxide mouth tray does not require you to put into boiled hot water thus eliminate the problems above. Besides, it has ultra-soft silicone which does not need any molding. The silicone will be crystal clear for the LED light accelerator to penetrate and speed up whitening process to get faster results.

The fact that this mouth tray is so soft make it so comfortable to be worn. This can ease your mouth or jaw from aching after usage.

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Mouth Tray Holder

mouth tray holderThis may not be the item that other teeth whitening brand would include in their standard kit, but Zeroperoxide emphasizes the cleanliness and hygiene of the customer as one of the top priority. The mouth tray is kept safe and clean away from bacteria and germs after usage.

Teeth Whitening Touch-Up Pen

zeroperoxide touch-up penThis teeth whitening pen included in this standard kit and this pen make it very convenient to do teeth whitening on-the-go. This pen is made to look really classy and elegant and it fit nicely into women handbag.

As appearance is very important, sometimes it is inevitable that our teeth might have spots or stains after  smoking or drinking and eating colorful food. This pen will come in very handy in situation like this.

Other Included Items

zeroperoxide travel bagThe other items that are included in the kit are the travelling bag and tooth shading guide. This travel bag is very good for storing all the teeth whitening items and travelling. The tooth shading guide makes it easy to track the progress of your teeth.


This new ZeroPeroxide teeth whitening kit is definitely a product that you must buy if you want to whiten your teeth easily, safely, effectively and fast.

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You may refer to this information regarding Sodium Bicarbonate was clinically proven to be an effective teeth whitening.

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